Strategy & Consulting

Strategy & Consulting

Do you know which is the most important attribute of a successful business? It is a strategy that deals with your company's structure, finance, marketing, and functions. And the right strategy comes through consultations. Various brands are a result of detailed planning and blueprint of actions. Digital marketing strategy is one of the most sought aspirations of any company to become a brand. Like the industrial revolution paved the way for industries and mechanisms, the digital revolution (yes, it exists!), or generally denoted as the third industrial revolution, is considered the paradigm shift to digital technology. The latter half of the 20th century brought an enormous change for the companies in terms of their growth, collaborations, and turnovers.


With everything getting digital, a drastic change in business plan and promotion was seen. Strategy & consulting became a demand. In an interview to Livemint, Mr. Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries and also the richest Asian, had mentioned, "Future belongs to those who ace digital." According to Mr. Ambani, the organizations that will lead the digital revolution will lead the future. So, if you are ready to let your business reach the zenith, here are some ways to help you in digital business strategy.

But, who are these consultants and how can they help you?

Strategy consultants act as unbiased advisors who help you create an action plan to take your business to the next level. These strategists are well-trained in industrial knowledge with great skills in digital platforms. A key feature to work with digital consultants is that they acquire talent with the management of every digital platform and are updated with all the latest trends of the online world. As per the Global marketing outlook, there exist three types of strategy consulting -

  • Corporate Strategy - When Google launched its mobile phones from the year 2010, the company expanded its business from search engine to mobile phones. And with handsets came its accessories. This, in simple terms, can be termed as a corporate strategy.
  • Functional Strategy - This type of strategy provides tricks to deal with a particular function. For example, suppose a company wants to start selling its products to a new location. For the purpose, advertisements of the products will be designed so that it pleases the people of the new locality. So, the design and advertising criteria will be decided under Functional strategy.
  • Organizational strategy - Why is Apple ready to set up a production company in India? Because Apple has a large number of customers from India, and eventually, with taxation systems, the customers and the company will benefit. This set up to a new place is decided under an organizational strategy.

One of the data on Digital Marketing trends shared that customers are looking for technologically advanced solutions for their problems. And to find out what can be the best technological advancement for your brand, marketing consultants can prove to be the most beneficial. However, strategy and consulting services are not limited to only these areas. So let us tell you more about the areas of your company that require your attention digitally.

  • Finance Consultancy - If you are worried about risk security management, accounting, transactions, crisis and corporate expenditure of your firm, say especially during unexpected times, the financial strategists work through every aspect of your company to keep you and your business safe even during unfavorable times (the biggest lesson the Pandemic has taught us).
  • Management Consultancy - It is alternatively referred to as "business management consultancy". Do you know that management consultancy covers around 50-55% of the strategy and consulting services? When a company aims to improve its relations with customers or aims to sell products to a wider area, management consultants make their task easy.
  • Technology Consulting - Ah! This is the result of the third industrial revolution. Master the technology and conquer the business world. Since 2011, IT consulting is growing each year, and that too is facing exponential growth. Software management, enterprise resource planning, etc., are a part of this strategy. Business promotion on social media is an easy to understand example.

Apart from the above three essential strategic consultancy services, you have to look after your company's way of presentation before your collaborators. Your business plan, pitch deck, and case studies help you be the "out of the box" brand. When talking about the digital world, one must not forget how important emails are. The first impression is the last. Everything begins from a mail in this digital era; hence, whatever your email contains has to look attractive. Do you know that colors play a psychological role in one's mind? Wrong colors and designs can land you in trouble. And that is definitely what you don't want.

With their contacts and knowledge of every field, the third-party strategy consultants can bring a 360-degree positive change for your business. Even for a particular time frame, the hired strategic consultants dedicate their efforts and time to your business. And it is this dedication that helps your business stand out from the crowd.

As the management consulting firms have experience dealing with a lot of the different level companies, they can shower their highly achieved talent for your brand. It offers clarity on certain issues and provides a pathway to proceed further better than your counterparts. One industry that is continuously growing over the decades in all situations is the business consulting industry. In terms of shape, revenue, reach, and profits, it has attracted businesses of all sizes.

What can you take away from this blog? It is the fact that business marketing strategy is the requirement of today’s businesses. Hence, consulting can open wider network areas for your company’s growth. If you are looking for one such reliable firm, then Marcamor is your one stop destination. At Marcamor, you will find each of the above mentioned consultancy options.